Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday Scoop!

I'm linking up on this Super Bowl Sunday with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!

...grade a huge pile of reading and writing pretests!  Ugh!  I just finished up all the grading of tests for the end of the marking period and WHAM! another enormous pile of papers lands on my counter.  I didn't even have it in me to bring them home this weekend.

...get all my receipts and "stuff" ready for my tax return.  Enough said.

...plan the Valentine's party which is sneaking up on me.  I do enjoy this party the most out of all three as the kids aren't nearly as hyped up as they are for Halloween and it's the last party of the year!  Yah!

...sleep in on Monday!  We have not had a single snow or wind chill day yet this year, and I am more than ready.  As of right now we are under a Winter Weather Advisory and slated to get up to 7 inches of snow which would certainly do it.  Is there any grumpier person than the teacher who thought she was getting a snow day and had to go to school?!

...get my nonfiction Zoobook unit finished in the near future.  Last year I started working on a nonfiction reading unit using Zoobooks.  I thought it was a great way to have common experiences with text since I already have a ton of Zoobooks, the library has a bunch, and they are easy to xerox and get the same text in all the students' hands.  (Don't tell on me!)  When it was almost time to begin nonfiction this year I realized I had never finished the unit, even though it was on my to-do list last summer!  So, I am bound and determined to get it finished in the next few weeks...we shall see.

...put my TPT Store on sale for Super Bowl Sunday!  I got all my errands and grocery shopping done on Saturday so I am going to sit back and watch the snow fall (Come on snow!) and watch the Super Bowl and do some shopping on TPT!  Lots of fabulous sellers are throwing a sale, and I am in need of some new clip art!  My entire store is 20% for today, so stop by and check it out!  

Enjoy your Sunday and check out the Sunday Scoop at Teaching Trio!


  1. I did not know Valentine's Day was this month. The things that I forgot when I was sick. Hope you have a great party and a great day!!!

    Jasmine Hall
    The Dots of Teaching

  2. Ugh...the T-a-x word just irritates me. Not the idea, but the mental energy it takes to put it all together. Believe me, I'm sending you some snowy-weather vibes to get that day off. And to answer the question--NO...there is no more grumpy creature than a teacher who has to go in on a snow day when it's clear they should be off! Hugs!