Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August Pick 3 Linky

I'm linking up today with Pawsitively Teaching and Inspired Owl's Corner for Pick 3:  This Month's Top Pinterest Picks, and for me it's all about getting in the back to school frame of mind!

I haven't had to head back to my classroom yet, but when I think about getting ready for school to start, my mind thinks classroom organization!  My first pin is from a 3rd grade teacher's blog called I Love Labels (Don't You?).  I can never get enough of seeing how other teachers organize their classrooms, and yes, everything in her classroom is labeled!

i love everything about this lady's classroom set up!
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As far as I'm concerned, a beautiful bulletin board is a work of art, and every work of art needs just the right frame.  A bulletin board isn't complete until you find the perfect border.  That's why I love this next pin from Crafty Morning!

Creative Bulletin Board Borders for the Classroom - Crafty Morning
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This is a great collection of border ideas from a bunch of different blogs.  I especially love the burlap and doily ones!

This third pin had me at Hello!  I had this same problem last year!  I think I went through a new box of pencils every other day.  

Disappearing Pencil Woes? - The Organized Classroom Blog I might try something similar with my high schoolers..they are master "accidental" pencil stealers!
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I am definitely going to have to give the Pencil Challenge a try this year!

Check out all the other great pins at Pick 3!


  1. I LOVE all the bulletin board ideas....so inspiring! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  2. I love the pencil challenge! I will definitely try this in my class- I go through tons! Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  3. Those bulletin board border ideas are super cute. I also love the burlap. It looks so crafty.

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