Five for Friday - Halloween Edition

Boy was it a long week...full moon...full day of school on Friday with the Halloween party in the afternoon, but I actually had a really good day!  I'm celebrating by linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

Fletch and Emmitt finally made it to the groomers this week.  They were looking pretty rough around the edges, but they are all spruced up and ready to greet our trick or treaters!

Notice Fletch is no longer wearing his cute kerchief as Emmitt immediately yanks it off of him every time they get home from the groomers.  Literally within five minutes every time!

I had such a nice day today with my class!  I had them work quietly on a packet of Halloween pictures to color and puzzles and called a few kids at a time to put on their costumes.  They were so quiet!  They actually came back in with their costumes on and continued to color quietly!  It was a beautiful sight!

One of the stations at our party was a game in my new Hundred Board Activities bundle called Tootsie Roll.  The kids seemed to have a lot of fun with it!

At the end of the party the kids settled right in and watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

A bunch of us at school came up with a cute but cheap costume idea which is the best kind!  We ordered t-shirts from, downloaded a free crayon template from which you can find here, iron on transfers from JoAnn fabrics (using 50% and 60% off coupons), and then party hats from the dollar store which we each covered in construction paper to match our shirts. Each of us only paid a total of $5 for everything!

Have a great Halloween weekend and be sure to check out all the other Five for Fridays!

Trick or Treat Blog Hop

I'm so excited to be linking up today with Rachael at Classroom Game Nook and tons of blogging pals to bring you a fabulous Trick or Treat Blog Hop!

You can hop along from blog to blog gathering all kinds of tricks of the trade and then enter to win fabulous treats too!

I'm going to share a little trick of the trade for the Halloween party, my least favorite party of them all!  It's just too much excitement for most ten year olds to handle well!  For the last few years I have found one thing that does seem to help keep things a little calmer.  Our classroom parties are one hour long.  Rather than do things as an entire class, which is what I used to do, now I divide my class into three groups.  I plan three different activities that will each take about 20 minutes and rotate the three groups through the three activities.  The key is to keep the kids busy and moving in an organized fashion.  I choose one parent helper to run each of the three stations which frees me up to move between them all putting out fires.  

One of the stations is always the Halloween goodies.  

The kids fill up their plates and head back to their seats.  By the time they all get through the line, they end up with about 10-15 minutes to munch. This is a perfect amount of time for kids who are used to scarfing down their lunches quickly to head outside for recess.  Remember the enemy is down time!  Down time equals kids getting antsy and out of control!

My second station is Halloween Bingo.  This is ideal because you can just grab a bag of candy and keep playing until time is up.  Also, the kids have to be quiet to hear what you are calling...perfect!  I always have this group back on the carpet to play.  

My third station varies, depending on the kind of group I have.  The last couple years my students have done "Boodoku" puzzles which are similar to Sudoku but have Halloween pictures instead of numbers.  

Moving the kids from one station to the next helps keep them occupied and helps the time go by faster for me too!  

My Halloween Bingo and Halloween "Boodoku" Puzzles are available in my TPT Store in addition to my Halloween Activities Bundle which contains many other activities along with the "Boodoku" puzzles.

Okay, now for the best part of Halloween, the treats!  I have a couple freebies for all of you!  One is a forever freebie in my store, my Trick or Treat Target Addition.  This is a fun game for 2-4 players that can be played over and over, a great time filler during Halloween madness week!  

Stop by my TPT Store to pick up this freebie any time!  If you grab it, I'd really appreciate your feedback!

My next freebie is a special one just for this blog hop!  I have been working for almost a year on this set of games and activities to use with a hundred board, and I finished it up just this week.  It has a couple things in it that are perfect for Halloween week!  The first one is a Hidden Hundred Board Picture.  The students solve order of operations problems and then color their answers specific colors to create this picture...

I also created a Halloween version of Roll & Race to 100 that I called Tootsie Roll!  The students use dice, counters, and their mental math skills for adding to see who can get to 100 first to win a Tootsie Roll!

But those are just two of the activities in this great bundle!  There are 11 games, 6 puzzles,  7 hidden picture activities, and 2 Digit Detectives worksheets!  You can grab this limited time freebie in my TPT Store but only through midnight on October 31!  I would love to see what you think, so please leave feedback!

My last treat for you is the opportunity to win two of my Halloween products...

and a $20 Amazon gift card!

Now head over to the next blog for more Tricks and Treats!

Monday Made It in October

I'm linking up today with one of my favorites, Monday Made It at 4th Grade Frolics!

Bonny made it home for the first time this weekend since she moved out to New Jersey for graduate school.  The dogs were so happy to see her!

We celebrated her birthday Friday night, and I made her favorite...carrot cake!

Thank goodness once again for the Gluten Free Cake Mix Doctor!

I'm finally getting around to sharing a Made It Makeover!  Remember the rotating book rack I found for a steal over the summer?

Timm and his dad did a fabulous job on the makeover!  I can't take credit for anything other than the idea...

It holds a lot of books and is perfect for those extra large Harry Potter hard covers!

Out of all the products I made this summer, the one I had the most fun with was my Book Quote Poster set.  I spent hours going through some of my favorite children's books and found twenty-six especially interesting and inspirational quotes.  Then I made three different posters for each quote, a black and white version,

a colorful polka dot version, 

and then a photograph version.  It was so much fun finding photographs to go with each quote!  

I put a few of the polka dot posters in my window in the hall.

You can find my Book Quote Poster Set in my TPT Store!  The set also comes with a PowerPoint slide show of the photograph posters.

I also put together a free sample set that contains one of the black and white posters, one polka dot poster, and one photograph poster.  You can download it anytime in my TPT Store!

Be sure to check out all the other great Monday Made Its!