It's Thrifty Thursday!

Today is the day to shop for bundles, because it's Thrifty Thursday!

I have two bundles on sale today.  My "Wonder" Common Core Unit Bundle contains all of my products that go with the "Insight Into Characters" and "Interpreting Characters" units.  This bundle is already discounted 10% compared to buying each product individually, but today you can get it with an additional 25% off!

My second Thrifty Thursday deal is The Hidden Girl/Book Clubs - Common Core & More! Bundle.  This bundle includes my Book Clubs - Common Core & More! Bundle which can be used with any books in addition to The Hidden Girl Companion to Book Clubs - Common Core & More!  This bundle is always a little more than a 15% discount compared to buying the products separately, but is an additional 25% off today!

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Show & Tell Tuesday - Summer Fun in July!

July is absolutely flying by, but I'm enjoying every minute of it!  I'm going to be sharing some of my summer fun in this month's Show & Tell Tuesday!

Timm, Jake, and I headed to New Jersey to visit with Bonny over the 4th of July, and it was a rare and wonderful opportunity for all of us to be on vacation together!  One of the coolest things we saw was the High Line which is an old elevated railroad track which has been converted into a park.  It really is beautiful!

We walked along this for quite a ways, part of the ten and a half miles we walked in the city that day!

Having Bonny in New Jersey for the past year gave me the opportunity to do something I never thought I would, see the fireworks in New York City!  We went to Liberty State Park and watched the fireworks right across from the Freedom Tower.  

It was a moving experience for me and well worth the 3/4 mile walk to the car, being completely under prepared and only bringing one blanket and no chairs, the rain that started a half hour before the fireworks were supposed to start, and the twenty minutes we huddled under the little bit of roof in front of the public bathrooms with at least fifty other people.  Thankfully the rain stopped and the show went on!

This video isn't even the grand finale!  

Part of the miles and miles we walked through the city was spent exploring Central Park.   It's amazing that such a beautiful park is in the middle of that massive city.  

We took pictures at the top of the little castle, where the sun was extremely hot and bright!

We encountered a huge family of raccoons...can you see all of them?

It's also 2 for Tuesday, so today is a great day to go shopping for some half price bargains!  Need some bulletin board ideas for back to school time?  These sets will help you create a couple bulletin boards that can stay up all year!

Create a bulletin board that will remind your students about close reading, annotating, and showing evidence when responding to their reading with the Close Reading Bookmark and Bulletin Board Set.

You can create an adorable helpers bulletin board with my Classroom Helpers Bulletin Board Set.

Both of these products are half off in my TPT Store today only!

Today's 2 for Tuesday is all part of It's a Whale of a Sale Week!  Check out all of the week's events here, which includes the chance to enter to win a $50 gift card to TeachersPayTeachers, Target, Amazon, Starbucks, and more!

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Whale of a Sale Week!

I'm joining in with a bunch of fellow TPT'ers to bring you Oceans of Deals, Steals, and a Giveaway this week!

On Monday, search #MondayMadness to find all of the fabulous $1 deals!  I will be marking down two items you can use to help you get ready for a new school year.  My students love knowing what the day has in store for them by checking out the agenda that I put on the board with my Daily Schedule Posters.

My second Monday Madness $1 deal is my Genre Posters set.  I use these posters along with colored dot labels so my students can easily find the genre they are looking for in our classroom library.

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Tuesday will of course be 2 for Tuesday where you can get all kinds of goodies for 50% off!  I'm featuring two more products that are perfect for back to school season!

You can create a couple of useful and adorable bulletin boards for your classroom that can stay up for the whole year!  Use my Classroom Helpers Bulletin Board Set to keep track of all those classroom helpers that keep your room running smoothly all year long!  Here's a peek at the bulletin board I created with this set for last year...

My students referred to my next bulletin board throughout the year as we worked on reading closely, annotating text, and providing evidence with quotes when responding to reading.  You can make your own bulletin board as well as bookmarks for your students to use with my Close Reading Bookmark & Bulletin Board Set.  

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Thrifty Thursday is all about bundles!  Everyone will be offering great deals on bundles found in their stores!  You will be able to get a great deal on these two bundles of mine...

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Two for Tuesday - Time for Academic Vocabulary

Another Tuesday has rolled around, so it's time again to link up with Chalk One Up for the Teacher!

This week I'm marking down my two academic vocabulary bundles for Social Studies.

Academic vocabulary is such an important part of all the subject areas but is often left out or done only when those teachable moments occur.  Academic vocabulary instruction needs to be systematic and deliberate.  Studies have shown that students need to be exposed to new words as many as 28 times before they can learn them!  As the words the students are learning become more sophisticated, they need even more opportunities to recall the words, use them, and understand how they relate to other words.  

To ensure that my students were being exposed to the academic vocabulary words in Social Studies as much as possible, I created my Social Studies Academic Vocabulary Bundle. 

The bundle includes 136 word wall mini posters that show the vocabulary term, the definition, and a graphic...

 an 84-page student packet which contains a half-page section for each word where students record their own definition, a sentence using the word, and draw a picture, symbol, or other graphic representation of the term...

as well as a full alphabetical glossary of all 136 words...

and a banner for your word wall!

My students referred to our word wall throughout the year, and I believe the time we spent working on the academic vocabulary packets made a big difference in their learning.

I also created an academic vocabulary bundle for 4th grade. You can get both of these bundles in my TPT Store today for half off!

Have fun browsing through all the other 2 for Tuesday deals!