School's Out Blog Blowout!

I'm so excited to be joining up with Kovescence of the Mind and twenty other blogging buddies for a fabulous summer time blog hop!

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I hope you enjoy hopping through, getting ideas for great books to read this summer, picking up some fantastic limited time freebies, sharing in our summer bucket lists, and entering to win $100 from Teachers Pay Teachers!

I have to admit I haven't gotten as much reading done as I normally do in the summer, primarily because I do most of my reading before bed.  Right now I'm addicted to New Girl which I have been watching on NetFlix every night.  I do have two books on the top of my "To Read" pile which I am excited to dive into though...

Have you read either of these books?  

These are some of the many things that I hope to do this summer...

One of the least exciting things I hope to do this summer is update all of the products in my store that desperately need it.  Unfortunately, this takes more time than I will probably have.  The other day I updated my Compare and Contrast Essay Unit and it took me about five hours!  Yikes!

Something on my bucket list for this summer that is a little more fun is taking some time out to walk along the shores of Lake Michigan.  I spent hours doing this as a kid when my family spent summers camping all over Michigan, but I haven't done it in years.  I will be sure to share some pictures when I do!

In a few days, we will be heading out to New Jersey to spend some time with Bonny for the 4th of July, so one of my bucket list items is seeing the fireworks at the Statue of Liberty!  We visited Lady Liberty last summer when we moved Bonny out there...

and I can't wait to visit her again!

While we are out east visiting Bonny,we are heading somewhere I have never been...Philadelphia!  I can't wait to see all of the Ben Franklin historical spots!

My bucket list item that I need to do the most is learn how to relax!  I have a hard time not working, cleaning, gardening, exercising, cooking...something all of the time.  I definitely come by it honestly.  My mom hardly stops for a minute either!  For my health and sanity, I know I need to find a way to unwind.  My mom suggested yoga, but sitting still and thinking about my breathing actually stresses me out more!  

So, Timm and I got some new deck furniture that I hope to take advantage of on these beautiful Michigan summer days, and I learned how to make a raspberry martini!  

This past school year, I started a new homework incentive with my students called the Homework Club.  I created a Homework Club board and put it on the marker board at the front of the room.  All of the students' names were put on magnets.  On the first day of the month, all of the students are automatically in the club.

If you don't have an assignment done on time, you are out of the club.  Everyone who is still in the club on the last day of the month, earns a prize!  The Homework Club prizes were different every month.  They varied from pop and popcorn to homework passes, candy, sitting by a friend, etc.  It was something my students really enjoyed working toward, and they never failed to remind me...Hey, isn't today the last day of the Homework Club?  I created a product so you can make your own Homework Club board for next year, and for this hop only, you can get it for free in my TPT Store!

Be sure to download it right away since it's a limited time freebie, and as always, I'd appreciate it if you would leave feedback!

Now here's your chance to enter to win $100 from Teachers Pay Teachers!

School's Out Blog Blowout

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  1. We bought a new house so my plans will be to move in.

    I am also going to score papers for National Boards...I am excited to do that!

  2. Thanks so much for the freebie - I am hoping to start a homework club in the Fall! That deck looks lovely for relaxing!


  3. My biggest summer plan is to finish moving into my classroom - I've moved from 3rd to 5th!

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  5. I'm from Michigan too! Ann Arbor. I have been in Arizona for 8 years and really miss Lake Michigan every summer. Enjoy the gorgeous weather and I hope you make it to the beach!

  6. The fireworks at the Statue of Liberty sound wonderful! Have a great time.
    Adele - Smart Teaching

  7. Teach Like a Pirate is one of my favorite teaching books. I hope to be able to see him some day, but I love his Twitter account. We were at Lake Michigan this past weekend soaking up the sun; I'm headed back up north again soon. Thanks for joining.