Making Mother's Day Special!

Need an easy gift idea for Mother's Day?  Your kids will enjoy this special project that you can make as simple or as fancy as you like!

Start out by having your students write Cinquain poems about their moms.  Click here for instructions on how to write one of these simple, five-lined poems.  Here's an example of a Cinquain that one of my students wrote:

Considerate, creative
Caring, loving, laughing
To moon and back

Type up the poems and copy them onto colorful scrap-booking paper.  I put a border around the poems to dress them up a bit.  You can turn this into a thoughtful card for mom or frame it for a special keepsake.  I picked up frames at the dollar store and had my students make tissue paper flowers for another little special touch.

I've had my students make these beautiful tissue paper flowers before and turn them into Mother's Day corsages!  You can watch my instructional video on how to make these flowers by clicking here.  

What a sweet gift for mom's special day!


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