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Have your students end their year by writing a letter to a student who will be in your room next year. Students reflect on what they enjoyed about being in your room and give advice to your new students.  When my students walk in on the first day of school, these letters are on their desks for them to read. It is a fun way to end and begin each year! Letters are included for 1st through 6th grades.

Use this homework sheet to have students practice their Word Work at home. Students choose 3 activities out of the following: ABC order, 3 times each, cursive, sentences, sorting, definitions, short story, pretest, and

Game board

This game board is not content specific, so it could be used with any number of things. My students earn free time as a class by playing. I have one game board displayed and write PLAY on the board. If the class is noisy or not following directions, I erase a letter. At the end of the hour, if a letter is remaining, I draw a student's name to roll the die and move the game piece. When the class wins the game, they have earned some free time as a class.

My 'Ol Man Worksheet

Review or assess the Core Standards in reading on story elements using this worksheet and My Ol' Man by Patricia Polacco. The worksheet asks students to identify the setting, characters, problem, events, solution, and author's message as well as giving a clue to what students are being asked for each of those elements.

Home Reading Log

Use this reading log to have your students track the number of minutes they read at home for the week. The log itself only shows the number of minutes required to get a C- or better, so students do not aim any lower than that. However, a full point scale is included for the teacher to use in the event that a student reads fewer than 105 minutes in a week.

First Day Welcome Letter Warm Up

Use this in conjunction with last year's End of Year Letters as this year's First Day Warm Up.

Reading Goal Progress Report and Certificate

Do you challenge your students to read a certain number of books throughout the school year? Keep your students' parents aware of how many books their child has read with these Reading Goal Progress Reports. Progress reports are included for the halfway and ending point of each marking period. Also included is a certificate for those students who reach their goal.

"The Books We've Shared" Response Sheet

Use this response sheet as a culminating activity for all the books you read as a class. Students determine the theme and author's message of the book as well as give it a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down".


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