Five for Friday-August 21

It's been a long, emotional week, so I'm doing a little blog therapy and linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

We moved Bonny to New Jersey last weekend, so for the first time in 21 years we have no kids in the house.  :(  We got to work right away getting her moved in, unpacked, and tried to spruce up a few things.  Timm was assigned the task of painting her filing cabinet.  

Bonny and her roommate got things in order pretty quickly!

Once things were settled, we did have some time to do a little exploring, though I must say driving around New Jersey was a bit of a nail-biting experience!  I'm afraid my little Prius wouldn't be able to accelerate fast enough to merge onto those crazy roads when everyone is zipping by at breakneck speed!  

We were staying in a hotel and the IKEA was literally right across the street.  We had no idea how to get there because you can't simply go across the road.  We had to put it in the GPS!  Why can't you just drive across the street?!  I don't get it.  We did manage to find our way to the Hudson to check out the view of New York City.  What a sight!

Bonny and Timm would have been game to head into the city, but I am really not a fly by the seat of your pants kinda gal. Go into the biggest city in the United States with two other people who have no idea how to get around or where they are going and no plan of action?...uh, no thanks.  Shocking, I know, but I like to be in control of the situation and have never been a huge risk taker.  I'll be happy to explore the city with Bonny once she becomes more of an expert!

On our last day with Bonny we visited Lady Liberty, which was pretty exciting for me!  I've taught my students the history of the Statue of Liberty but never thought I'd ever have a chance to see it in person.  It was a beautiful day, and seeing the statue up close was amazing!

It was really tough heading home to Michigan and leaving Bonny behind, but thank goodness for cell phones!  We are talking every day and still watching our favorite shows together, texting all the while.  Gotta keep busy!  What I do best...

I have read a ton of books this summer and just finished a great one by Elin Hildebrand called The Matchmaker.  I've read several of hers before, but this one is by far my favorite!  If you, like me, are in the last weeks of summer and would like a fun read before school starts back up, you might want to pick this one up at your library or click on the link below.

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August Pick 3 Linky

I'm linking up today with Pawsitively Teaching and Inspired Owl's Corner for Pick 3:  This Month's Top Pinterest Picks, and for me it's all about getting in the back to school frame of mind!

I haven't had to head back to my classroom yet, but when I think about getting ready for school to start, my mind thinks classroom organization!  My first pin is from a 3rd grade teacher's blog called I Love Labels (Don't You?).  I can never get enough of seeing how other teachers organize their classrooms, and yes, everything in her classroom is labeled!

i love everything about this lady's classroom set up!
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As far as I'm concerned, a beautiful bulletin board is a work of art, and every work of art needs just the right frame.  A bulletin board isn't complete until you find the perfect border.  That's why I love this next pin from Crafty Morning!

Creative Bulletin Board Borders for the Classroom - Crafty Morning
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This is a great collection of border ideas from a bunch of different blogs.  I especially love the burlap and doily ones!

This third pin had me at Hello!  I had this same problem last year!  I think I went through a new box of pencils every other day.  

Disappearing Pencil Woes? - The Organized Classroom Blog I might try something similar with my high schoolers..they are master "accidental" pencil stealers!
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I am definitely going to have to give the Pencil Challenge a try this year!

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Monday Made It-It's Done!

I'm so happy to be linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It!

I just checked a HUGE thing off my summer to-do list!  I mean, I had doubts that I would ever get this project done, but I did it!  I feel like dancing...

As some of you know, I have lesson plans and student packets for 5th grade Social Studies that I share with people for free.  (If you didn't know, but would like to, you can read about it HERE!). 
Well, I have gotten some requests to create those same materials for 4th grade, and this was the summer I decided to give it a go!  I actually found it very interesting to go through the units and learn how they build a base for what I will be teaching in 5th grade Social Studies.  

There are six units for the entire 4th grade year:  Foundations in Social Studies, The United States in Spatial Terms, Human Geography in the United States, Exploring Economics, Our Federal Government, and Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship.  Here is a peek at the packet from Unit 3:  Human Geography in the United States...

This isn't even half of this enormous 85-page packet!  Some of the plans and packets do have a few pages that focus on Michigan, since 4th graders in Michigan were supposed to learn about Michigan history in 3rd grade.  If you are a teacher outside of Michigan, you may choose to skip those activities or supplement with things from your state.  One of the great things about these units is that no textbook is necessary!  

So, if you would like the 4th grade packets and lesson plans that will last you for an entire year, please follow my blog by clicking on the Bloglovin' button (pictured below) which is near the top of my blog page on the right hand side...

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and follow my TPT Store (the logo below will take you there)...

and then email your follower numbers to me at and let me know you would like all the materials.  Be sure to put 4th grade Social Studies materials as the subject, and I'll be happy to share them with you!  By emailing me, you are also agreeing to receive future newsletters that will let you know about other freebie offers, special sales, new blog posts and more!

I have created teacher resource sets to go along with each of these units as well.  They include a variety of materials such as vocabulary flashcards, games, and quizzes, worksheets, and student resource sheets, just to name a few.  Here's a peek at one of my sets for the Human Geography in the United States unit.  

I also have a 4th Grade Social Studies Teacher Resources Bundle that gets you all the resources for the entire year at a discount!

You can check it out at my TPT Store!

Plus, for the next two days...

everything in my store is on sale!

I don't have any other exciting Made Its this week, since Made It #1 has consumed all my waking hours!  But I did find a little time last night to make Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars with Chocolate Chips (though I substituted the chocolate for butterscotch) from  They turned out yummy!  Don't know where I get my sweet tooth from...

My 3rd Made It is more of a "Gonna Make It".  I did a little consignment shop hunting with my husband and my folks up north a couple weekends ago.  I literally said...I need some kind of small book rack to go on top of my back counter for my recommended reads section.  I'd love one that turns!...When lo and behold, Timm spots this...

It's no beauty right now, that's for sure, but it was dirt cheap and I love a makeover!  Be sure to check back and see how it turns out!  And take a look at all the other Monday Made Its at 4th Grade Frolics!