Show & Tell Tuesday - April

Show & Tell Tuesday is back, and it's the perfect time to share some spring break photos!

I was definitely ready to head south to warmer weather, and Florida did not disappoint!  We had beautiful sunny days and temps in the high 70's and low 80's plus a great surprise!

Todd had flown Bonny in for a couple days, and we got to spend a gorgeous day in the Magic Kingdom with her before she headed back to Jersey.  It was a great way to start our week!

As always, we took a couple relaxing rides around Tomorrow Land in the good 'ol TTA...

There are new and exciting things happening at Disney Hollywood Studios as they begin working on the new Star Wars stuff, so we got to meet Chewbacca which was a first for us!  He even talked! Though sadly, Han Solo wasn't there to translate.  

It was quite a rude awakening to head back to Michigan and drive through a blizzard in Ohio, that darn Buckeye state!  Then this was our view at home the next day...

Thankfully, it melted pretty quickly, and just a short week later, this is the view...

Crazy, right?!  That better be the last of the snowy weather for many, many months!

Now that it's truly spring, that means time for spring cleaning!  Actually every season is about keeping my classroom as clean as possible, and by now, my kids know how I like our room to look.  I have found that if I tell them what my expectations are and give them the necessary tools, they will always come through for me!  This year, I put a dust pan and broom from the dollar store on each group's file box shelf.

The kids put them to good use each and every day!  And believe me, during these muddy spring days, they get a work out!

My students now take as much pride in us having a clean room as I do!

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April Pick 3 Linky

It's time once again for Pick 3:  This Month's Top Pinterest Picks!

My first pin is from Two Tangled Teachers...

(Click on pic to go to original pin)

They did this great display with word work and learning about prefixes and suffixes, but I thought it would be a great project for the end of the year.  The kids could write their goals and dreams for the future or for next year on the balloons.

My second pin is from Hello Literacy...

(Click on pic to go to original pin)

It is definitely the time of year that voices and noise levels in the classroom can get on your last nerve!  This app looks like a fun way to get a handle on it.  I will be trying it out after spring break!

My last pin is from Corkboard Connections...

(Click on pic to go to original pin)

This is another thing on my list of "Technology to Try".  I had heard about Plickers before but just haven't had a chance to give them a whirl yet.  This blog post (plus a link to an earlier post) looks like a great place to start!

Make sure you check out all the other great pins for April and link up your favorites at Pick 3!