Two for Tuesday is Back!

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June is now only a day away so many of you have already begun your long awaited summer vacation and the rest of us will soon be joining you!  This time of year means it's time once again for Two for Tuesday!

Two for Tuesday is a fun summer time linky with Chalk One Up for the Teacher where you can load up on all kinds of great products for next year at a big discount!  My first Two for Tuesday of the season includes the two products that I worked hardest on this school year.

The Kid in the Red Jacket Core Standards & Close Reading Unit and "Wonder" Common Core Close Reading Unit are two of my new reading units where I pulled everything together that I have been trying to do the last few years.  They include a read aloud of a high interest book that students love where I have gone through the book to find places to stop and model the kind of thinking that I want my students to learn to do on their own such as making inferences, analyzing the actions of characters, noticing and interpreting figurative language, etc.  

Next, the students do close reading with short stories where they can practice those very same skills that I just modeled for them in the read aloud.  Here, the students learn to annotate with a purpose and have quality discussions about their reading and thinking with their peers.

I was proud of the progress that my students made this year and the way that their responses to their reading improved and became more thoughtful.  They learned how to provide evidence for their thinking by quoting the text.

The Kid in the Red Jacket Core Standards & Close Reading Unit (which you can read more about hereteaches choosing just right books, drawing inferences, determining theme, summarizing, describing characters with character traits, comparing and contrasting characters, close reading, annotating, using quotes as evidence, and figurative language. 14 different common core standards in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades are covered in this unit!

Included in the unit are a list of the Common Core Standards, detailed daily lesson plans which are based on a read aloud lesson , shared reading, and reading workshop format, a 23-page student packet, character trait analysis worksheets, a summary graphic organizer, three comprehension questions worksheets, and a 4 page assessment. 

All you will need in addition to these materials is one copy of each of the following books:

The "Wonder" Common Core Close Reading Unit teaches making inferences, figuring out the meaning of words and figurative language, analyzing characters, determining theme, quoting text to support your thinking, and so much more! 

Included in this bundle are 19 learning target mini posters (11 x 17), a 22-page student packet, and a five-page unit assessment and key.

The only other materials you will need are one copy of each of the following books:

You can pick up these two great resources, today only, for half off!

Make sure you check out all the other super Two for Tuesday deals before time runs out!

Show & Tell Tuesday - May

I can't believe it is already May, and we are down to only about twenty days of school left!  It didn't really feel like May a couple days ago when it was snowing, but we are going to try and pretend that didn't happen.  It's time once again for Show & Tell Tuesday!

For Mother's Day this year, I wanted to have my kids make something to go along with the little Mother's Day Booklet that we do.  So, I came up with the idea to make corsages after seeing really cute tissue paper flowers on Pinterest.  

I got all of my materials at Walmart and Michael's.  With my 50% coupons at Michael's, it only cost about $30.

Rather than try to include step by step photos, I made a video of how to make it.  

These are some of my kids corsages...

I thought they turned out great!  I guess a couple moms even wore them to the Mommy Son dance last weekend!

At one of our professional development days this year, a fellow teacher talked about all different kinds of technology to use in the classroom.  One of my summer goals is to experiment with some of the things she talked about like Plickers,, Edmodo, and Prezi, to name a few.  I thought I would share a couple of ways I have used technology in my classroom, and then I even have a giveaway to share with you!

I have used Class Dojo for a few years now, and I know most of you probably already know about it.  This year, I began using it a little differently.  In the past, I would give prizes at the end of the week to the kids who had earned the most points.  It wasn't long before certain kids gave up, knowing they just couldn't compete with those students who are always doing what they are supposed to be doing.  No matter how hard I tried to catch them being good, they just weren't in it to win it, if you know what I mean.  This year I created a reward chart and just allowed the points to accumulate.  

When a student reached a certain point level, he/she would earn that reward.  This way the students weren't competing with each other.  They were just trying to earn as many points as they could to reach the next reward.  I made a chart with  each student's name on it and colored in the space when a reward was earned and used.

If you would like to try this out with your class, you can get my Class Dojo Behavior Management Set in my TPT Store for free!

Something I tried out for the first time this year was RAZ Kids.  This is a program affiliated with Reading A to Z.  I have used the Reading A to Z books many times, but I had never heard of RAZ Kids.  Well, apparently special education teachers in our building have been using it for several years. It is an online program where students can read the leveled books and then take quizzes on them.  My school bought a couple additional subscriptions to the program and each teacher was able to sign up a few of their lower readers to participate.  If you are an upper grade elementary teacher, then you know how challenging it can be to get some of your readers to read books at their level.   The students can also listen to the books being read to them and then read them on their own.  It is definitely something that I will want to continue to use.  

So, now for the GIVEAWAY!  A fellow Michigan teacher and blogging buddy, Kathleen, over at KidPeople Classroom recently learned about another exciting tech tool that can be used in the classroom, the HUE camera and animation kit.  She has tried it in her classroom and has had loads of fun with it! You can read about how Kathleen used the camera and animation kit with her students by clicking on her logo below.    

And you can enter to win your own Hue Camera and Animation Kit right here!  (Sorry for those of you outside of the United States, HUE will only ship inside the U.S.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm so thrilled about my 4th Show & Tell!  I am guest posting on Minds in Bloom with Rachel Lynette!  It just so happens that my post about how to put an end to endless book browsing during reading workshop time is going live today.  Please check it out by clicking on the button below!

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Pick 3 Linky for May

I'm so excited that May is here, and it's time once again for Pick 3!

May always means Mother's Day, so my first couple pins are perfect ideas for moms!

(Click on pic to go to original pin)

This adorable idea comes from How Does She, and the post contains 22 different crafts for kids and teens to make for mom!

I absolutely love this next idea!

(Click on pic to go to original pin)

This is from Sugar Bee Crafts, one of my favorite craft blogs!  Wouldn't this be the best project for a kid and his/her dad?  I would love to do this with my class, but it would take me a considerable amount of time to prep all the boards.  Maybe a summer project...

I have worked a ton on close reading this year, so I was very curious about this pin I came across recently.

(Click on pic to go to original pin)

This is a super cute idea for introducing close reading to your kids from Who's Who and Who's New?  You should check it out!  I'm going to use it when I start close reading with my kids next fall.  

Be sure to check out all the other inspiring pins at Pick 3 and link up three of your own!

Also, be sure to head to the check out with your basket full of spring goodies at the Teacher Appreciation Sale at TPT!  

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, you can win one of two $50 TPT gift cards and get all of those things in your basket for free!  Make sure you enter the giveaway below!

Wishlist Linky

Is your wishlist ready for the Teacher Appreciation Sale which starts tomorrow?  I am linking up with Teaching in the Tongass and all kinds of other TPT'ers to share with you our top wishlisted items from our stores (just in case you have a little more room in that shopping cart!).

My Grammar Rock Unit is the item from my store that is on the most wishlists.  It is one of my favorites too!  I loved Schoolhouse Rock as a kid, and the Grammar Rock songs are the perfect way to introduce or reinforce grammar with your students.

The product from my store that comes in 2nd for being wishlisted is something that saves me every day in my own classroom, my 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher Resources Bundle.  It also happens to have the best feedback I've ever gotten!

Here's a peek at what just one of the units included in this bundle contains.  If you'd like more information about how to receive the free lesson plans and packets, you can read about it here.  

My 3rd most wishlisted product in my store goes along with my number one favorite read aloud of all time, my "Wonder" Common Core Unit Student Packet.  There are also free lesson plans that go along with this unit!

I have worked a lot this year on revising and updating units.  I created a whole new Wonder unit that builds close reading right in!  You can check out both of these products in my TPT Store.

Be sure to check out all the other great wishlisted items and fill up your cart before the Teacher Appreciation Sale ends!  

I'm also participating in a giveaway this week where you can win one of two $50 TPT gift cards!  What an even better way to fill that shopping cart!  Be sure to enter!

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