Glorious Giveaways!

July is winding down, and though I'm sad to see it go, I'm happy to share three more fabulous giveaways to close out this month of great deals!

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Half Off & Dollar Deals!

Tuesday means it's time to take half off a couple of products that will help you with back to school!  I have been doing a 40 book challenge for several years after reading The Book Whisperer, and my 40 Book Challenge Bundle helps me and my students keep track of all the books they have read.  Below you can see the bulletin board where my students' books are tracked all year.  

Each student also has a 40 Book Challenge reading log where they keep track of all the books they read (including the ones they don't finish) and which genres they have read.  They also have notes on each genre plus their list of books they would like to read in the future.  This set has everything you need to create a bulletin board and reading log for your students.

Today you can grab it for half off in my TPT Store!

Every year I devote one of my bulletin boards to my classroom helpers.  This is the board I have had up for the past couple years...

Each student has a card with their picture on it and velcro on the back.  I have small pieces of velcro on the bulletin board under each job, which makes it easy to change them out every couple of weeks.  You can create your own bulletin board with my Classroom Helpers Bulletin Board Set #2.  It's also editable!

Check it out in my TPT Store today where it is also half off!

I didn't have the time or energy on Sunday to let you know about my dollar deals for Monday this week, so I'm extending them through today!

I have tried several different ways to display my learning targets, and this is by far the one that works best for me.  I have a space on my whiteboard with each of the subjects I teach.  Each morning I just write it with a marker.  

I have a free version which you can grab here, or today you can get the editable version for just $1 by clicking here!

Extended through today, you can also grab my Close Reading Bookmark & Bulletin Board Set for just a buck.  

I saw my students referencing their bookmarks throughout the year...

along with our bulletin board. 

Take a closer look in my TPT Store!

Take some time to browse through the other half off deals by clicking here.

More Glorious Giveaways!

We are giving away many more fabulous gift cards this week, so be sure to enter each one below!  Best of luck!

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Two $$ Treats Thursday

My $2 dollar deals today are all about classroom management.  My Thanksgiving to Christmas Classroom Behavior Incentive will save your sanity in those crazy weeks between the holidays!  You can read all the details about how this works (and it really does work!) here.  

You can implement this behavior incentive on your own without my bundle or save yourself a little time and grab it in my TPT Store today for just $2!

My second classroom management product can be used at any time of the year, but I like to use it during the last marking period of the year when fifth graders are at their craziest, and I'm just about out of patience!  A classroom economy is just what you need to whip those kiddos in shape!  Students earn money by doing the things they should already be doing (but for some reason are not!), and they pay bills and buy privileges.  It is truly a lifesaver at the end of the year!  Check it out in my TPT Store.

Find all of the other $2 deals here.  

Wrap It Up Wednesday

Wrap It Up Wednesday means it's time to grab some bundles that will save you loads of time and loads of money!  Today I'm putting extra discounts on my 5th Grade Social Studies Study Guide & Test Bundle which includes all the study guides and tests for the whole year!  Click here to read about how to get free lesson plans and student packets for all of the 5th grade units.  

Head over to my TPT Store to take a closer look at this huge bundle!

Click here to see all of the bundles on sale today!

Show & Tell Tuesday - Loving Summer!

It's time for the July edition of Show & Tell Tuesday which means July is moving much too quickly!  I am definitely enjoying my unscheduled time this summer!

I'm spending as much time as I possibly can at the lake, and this is my new favorite spot to both relax and work, sitting on the swing on my deck looking out at the water.

Of course, Emmitt is right by my side as usual!

Emmitt is 1/4 lab so we thought he might enjoy getting in the water.  Turns out you really can't teach an old dog new tricks, because he really wanted no part of it.  He floated on the raft with me for a few minutes, but he wasn't loving that either!

All month long, I'm taking part in some special sales, and today two of my products are 50% off.  I chose a couple products for today that are great for back to school.  My Book Quote Poster Set makes a great bulletin board display.  Each poster comes in three versions:  color, black and white, and photo.  

Take a closer look in my TPT Store.

I use my Daily Schedule Posters to create my agenda that is on the board.  They come in colored backgrounds and black and white.

Grab these in my TPT Store today for half off!

Click here to see all of today's half off products!

Now here's what you need to know to link up and share your Show & Tells!

Linky Information:

1. This is a monthly linky.  The idea is to “Show” up to four pictures of things from school, home, etc. and “Tell” us all about them.  Created the most amazing bulletin board ever?  Show & Tell us about it!  Have the best seats at a Red Wings game, right next to the bench?  Show & Tell us about it!  Play the best game at a party with your class?  Have a pet that just got the worst haircut ever?  Show & Tell us about it!  Only have one thing to Show & Tell about?  Not a problem! 

2. Product promotion will be limited to one and only if you are introducing a brand new product or sharing pictures of how you just used a product in your classroom.  The focus should be on sharing, not pushing things to sell. 

3. Please choose one of your Show & Tell pictures as your image for the thumbnail and type your blog name to go below the picture. 

4.  Use the main Show & Tell Tuesday button and link back to my post.  Use the numbered Show & Tell buttons in your post to share your pictures.

5. Please leave comments on at least three other posts, including the ones before and after yours.  It's always nice to get feedback from your blogging buddies!

Sandcastles, Sandals, & Savings-Dollar Deals!

The savings continue with dollar deals kicking off the week once again!

Today I have two more great products for back to school!  Your students will have a ball hunting for eggs and getting to know their new classmates with the Back to School Egg Hunt!  Grab it in my TPT Store today for $1!

Get everything in your classroom labeled and organized with Classroom Signs & Labels - Editable Version!  You can label everything from bins to book racks and even use the labels as name tags, and they are all editable!  I use these labels all over my classroom.

Grab this one dollar bargain in my TPT Store today!

Check out all the other dollar deals here.  

Sun, Sand, and Savings - Glorious Giveaways!

We are once again this week giving away 15 fabulous gift cards!  Make sure you enter each one below.

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Sun, Sand, and Savings-Two $$ Thursday!

On Two $$ Treats Thursday, I have two products that are perfect for back to school!  My Start the Year Out Right Letters to Parents has ten different letters to parents, and seven of them are editable in PowerPoint.

Today you can grab this in my TPT Store for only $2, which is more than half off the regular price!

Do your students ever need a little extra motivation for completing homework on time?  Homework Club might just do the trick!  At the beginning of each month, all of your students are automatically "in" the club.  

All they have to do to stay in, is complete all homework on time.  All the students who are still in on the last day of the month earn a prize!  Prizes can be whatever you'd like, but I always make the first prize of the year a really good one.  Create a Homework Club Hall of Fame somewhere in your classroom to display which students were in the club each month.

Today you can pick up this set which you will use all year for just $2 in my TPT Store!

Find all of the other $2 deals here!