Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sun, Sand, and Savings-Two $$ Thursday!

On Two $$ Treats Thursday, I have two products that are perfect for back to school!  My Start the Year Out Right Letters to Parents has ten different letters to parents, and seven of them are editable in PowerPoint.

Today you can grab this in my TPT Store for only $2, which is more than half off the regular price!

Do your students ever need a little extra motivation for completing homework on time?  Homework Club might just do the trick!  At the beginning of each month, all of your students are automatically "in" the club.  

All they have to do to stay in, is complete all homework on time.  All the students who are still in on the last day of the month earn a prize!  Prizes can be whatever you'd like, but I always make the first prize of the year a really good one.  Create a Homework Club Hall of Fame somewhere in your classroom to display which students were in the club each month.

Today you can pick up this set which you will use all year for just $2 in my TPT Store!

Find all of the other $2 deals here!


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